Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Secrets are bacteria

                                Dark secret   

                                                                Secrets they sound so mysterious.Everyone have their own secret which might be very silly for some people but a secret for that person.Secrets have their own meaning.Kids at age of 5-8 their secrets are like "don't tell anyone I had ice-cream " ,but we shouldn't forget once even we also had such secrets which sounds silly right now.
                                        But their are few secrets which if kept it in our little mind,it acts like the bacteria which eats us part by part .We always need someone to share with ,its not easy to communicate with your close associates so we just let it eat us.
No one is so strong to hold upon a bacteria inside us ,we aren't immune to it. There are many ways through which people share their feelings and secrets like via.writing stories,diaries or through drawings or anything.We convey it through our passion .But few people don't find it so easy to convey. 
                          So I am writing this blog not just to convey something but to help people who are struggling with their insecurities and their so called "secrets" .This is not silly but it is a serious problem ,I am saying this by studying many people who suffers with inferiority.Don't hold  up your emotions let your emotions speak.By keeping secrets within themselves which irritates them and they let out their frustration on others in normal way or sometimes in a very dangerous way.
                               After reading this blog you may feel such a waste of time to read but it might help few people.And if need any help I am there.

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