Sunday, 15 February 2015

Death is inevitable

                             DEATH IS INEVITABLE 

Horrible to hear about death.Recently my neighbor ,who had asthma drowned.Can you imagine,his mother never allows him to beach but that unfortunate day when his exams got over he begged for going to beach and he drowned.He was a teenager ,young boy.:(I met her mother ,she was not in her conscience .she was literally falling on him and pleading him to wake up.
                                           Guys with all this thing I understood only one thing,live your life to the core.You can be next.Don't avoid people for small fights and think about vengeance. No vendettas only love for one another.Just try to understand life is for very short period so don't waste it through hatred.You will be left only with regrets ..
                This blog only for you to realize and to grow up,think beyond .Wake up!

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